Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 kids, 2 dogs, sports, exam prep and mid-30's

No, I'm not in my mid-30's, though I wish it were true. I mean the temperature here this weekend will be in the mid-30's… hot and dry and sunny. Which is great unless you are trying to keep 5 kids and 2 dogs cool and without heat-stroke, as they play soccer and baseball. They are certainly old enough to take precautions (the kids, I mean), bring their own water, sit down when overheated, but still it's a big responsibility to keep them healthy and happy.

Our good friends headed out on a flight to Toronto this morning… sans 2 kids and dog. Which is why our usual brood has expanded somewhat. Three and a half days without kids sounds rather lovely to me… urban, recreation, adult, culture, celebration, romance… what's not to love about that! And, they deserve this time away. They have worked hard to achieve this level of success and I salute all that they have sacrificed to gain this recognition and status (it's a company perk, their trip).

My company perks are usually hot and fresh and black - straight from the coffee maker, or a perk might involve taking a longer lunch to blog in, or even taking a lunch that involves sitting at a table and eating something other than one of the selections from the plastic containers in the fridge. I'm not complaining… I love my job, my place of employment, and sometimes I even like my responsibilities. But, I'm not that crazy about the incentive program here… not many trips to Toronto on the horizon for me!

So, back to the brood. The kids are excited… cleaned their rooms and are prepared mentally for the days of 'one big party' (in the words of my daughter's best friend when vocalizing her anticipated weekend at our house - YIKES!) And, I'm excited too. It's like having cousins come to stay… they are that close to us. It's a wonderful thing to have friends that are like family in so many ways. We love them, they love us, we drive them crazy, they drive us crazy etc. etc.

And, being the end of the school year, it can't all be about one big party. The kids all have homework and exam prep to do. That's not going to be easy when all they will want to do is play. Study hall times sound kind of fun… to me, but to them, well, I'll be wearing the 'party pooper' hat several times this weekend, I'm sure!

My biggest concern… and one that I have to take care of right away so this blog is going to be very short… my biggest concern is the amount of food that will be consummed this weekend. Not from a cost perspective, but from the perspective of how much do I cook and will they ever be full perspective. We are talking 3 teenage boys and 2 tween girls… all active, all hungry, all the time! So, I'm thinking pasta, bread, more pasta, more bread, lots of meat, lots of veggies (with dip) and many snack options. And an ever replenished jug(s) of ice tea and lemonade in the fridge. Oh yeah, it's gonna be fun! A couple of ground rules… don't eat without asking first… and make yourself at home doesn't mean helping yourself to… yes, you guessed it… food! Again, my anxiety on food quantities!

Well, that's about all for now. I have to get to the grocery store before I pick up the kids from school.

Did I mention the dogs also eat? And walk… and poop… and bark…

All in a days work!


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